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Head Developer

Philip Thygesen

..is the guy who makes everything possible. He is the mastermind behind every website and without him the world would be a boring place. Clients love him because of the details to his code and because he makes clients dreams come true. Whether a client wants an eCommerce site, blog website or a website with balls flying around, up, down, left and right he makes it happen. Some people call him a superhero because he does so much good without worrying about himself. If a client needs him at the weekend then he is ready to take on his coding cape and save the day. His skills are unmatched and he was taught early on: with great powers, comes great responsibility. Clients trust him and his recommendations on how to best create the website.

Business Strategist

Matt Jones

...is the guy who makes it rain money. His strategic mind is unrivalled. Some people claim he could sell sand in the desert. What makes him so popular among headhunters are that despite his master marketing skills, he is a no-bullshit kind of guy. He will tell you the lay of the land and never lead you down the garden path. He has successfully run marketing campaigns where the outcome was an increase in sales whilst dropping the ad spends. Are you looking to increase sales or launch a new product? If so then this rainmaker is the right guy for you.

Digital Specialist

Bronwen Jones

... is the woman that can turn a sour apple into a sugar glazed sweet apple. She is best known as “The Fixer” due to her incredible skills at turning disappointed social followers into new loyal customers. Combined with Matt’s skills, she can push sales through the roof by launching targeted Social Media Campaigns across multiple channels. Some people claim she started doing Social Media Marketing long before Social Media even existed. We're not sure how she managed to do that and it will probably be a secret forever.


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